Why Giant Umbrellas Are Perfect For Pools

Why Giant Umbrellas Are Perfect For Pools

Shading your backyard pool is one of the most important investments you can make. Not only does it help to keep you, your friends and your family safe when enjoying the outdoors, but it can also add a touch of class and style to your backyard pool. Brisbane Giant Umbrellas have been providing high-quality outdoor giant umbrellas for more than 15 years. Our Australian-made giant umbrellas are the perfect shading choice for your backyard pool. We will be sharing a couple of the many reasons why in this latest article on the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas website.

They Provide Strong UV Protection

Our outdoor giant umbrellas provide strong UV ray protection! UV rays are a form of radiation emitted from the sun which can be incredibly harmful. With the strong UV ray protection offered by our outdoor giant umbrellas, you can enjoy those hot summer days by the pool without putting you and your family at risk.

Our Giant Umbrellas Provide A Large Shaded Space

Contrary to what you may think with their small frame, our outdoor giant umbrellas can provide an incredible amount of shade for your backyard pool. This is exactly what you need in a shading option for your backyard pool. Click here to check out more information about our giant umbrellas on our website.

The Side Post Option Works Perfectly For Pools

No one wants a frame sticking up from their pool. This could make enjoying your backyard pool a little difficult! Fortunately, our outdoor giant umbrellas come with a side post option. The side post option allows the giant umbrella to be maneuvered to provide poolside shade or even shading while in the pool. This is the kind of flexible shading you need for the summer days spent in the pool. You can see some examples of side post outdoor giant umbrellas on our website.

Our Giant Umbrellas Are Durable

Backyard pools are exposed to all of the different weather conditions we experience on the east coast, which means that this will also be the case for your backyard pool shading solution. That is why it is so important to choose a shading option that is tough enough to handle what the Queensland weather will throw at it. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our outdoor giant umbrellas have the durability you are looking for. Our canopy material is UV treated, mildew & rot resistant and all fittings are 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Click here to find out more about the high-quality materials involved in the construction of our Australian-made giant umbrellas.

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If you are looking for the perfect outdoor giant umbrella for your pool then you have come to the right place. Brisbane Giant Umbrellas are the number 1 choice for outdoor giant umbrellas in all of Queensland. Call us today on (07) 32166092 or click here to contact us through our website.

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