Pool Umbrellas in Brisbane

Nothing beats taking a quick dip in the pool during Brisbane’s scorching hot and humid summers. But how do you protect yourself from the damaging effects of the sun? Having a bottle of sunscreen handy, along with a quality pool umbrella, would be a good start.

At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, we provide fully customisable domestic and commercial-grade umbrella products to meet your unique requirements. Regardless of size, shape, design, or colour, our locally made, high-quality large outdoor umbrellas are crafted from acrylic canvas, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-coated polyester, or an incredibly strong fabric called Docril.

Docril is a highly durable pre-dyed synthetic fabric resistant to harsh elements. A staple in several industries and outdoor applications, it can withstand heat, rain, and wind exposure while preserving its form, size, and appearance.

Take a look at some of the best-selling pool shading solutions we offer to residential and commercial clients:

  • Domestic Octagonal Canopy Giant Umbrellas: These premium swimming pool umbrellas provide optimum sun protection and comfort, blocking at least 90% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Moreover, they add aesthetic value to your outdoor space, making it more welcoming and stylish.
  • Domestic Square Canopy Giant Umbrellas: Our square-shaped shading product is another option for residential consumers who prefer more coverage. Because of its symmetrical shape, this four-sided large pool umbrella is the best choice for considerably sized outdoor pool decks. These are typically manufactured with a centre post, but they can be created with a side post and additional features to enable 360-degree rotation and tilting at any angle to ensure maximum user protection.
  • Heavy-Duty Octagonal Canopy Giant Umbrellas: Our commercial octagonal poolside umbrellas come in different sizes and designs, crafted according to your requirements. These versatile shading solutions can be placed in various sections of the swimming pool and surrounding areas like the patio. It’s great for commercial property owners expecting substantial traffic in outdoor areas with high sun exposure.Because of its size and weight, this product must be fixed to the ground, and we suggest you order from us in the early stages of pool or patio construction to ensure proper installation.
  • Heavy-Duty Square Canopy Giant Umbrellas: This large outdoor pool umbrella may have fewer sides, but it’s packed with features that benefit you and your guests. Opt for our largest-sized square canopy for protecting guests lounging on rows of pool chairs, blissfully swimming in the pool, or enjoying their drinks under the sun.

Our heavy-duty commercial pool umbrellas are built to last and crafted for permanent use. They provide exceptional resistance to heat, tears, strong winds, and fading, and they retain their appearance for years. Remarkably tough and tamper-proof, our umbrellas require less maintenance and can stay functional even under the harsh Brisbane weather.

We’re extremely confident in our products’ quality and offer two-year canopy and five-year frame warranties for our heavy-duty umbrellas.

Choosing the best outdoor pool umbrella in Brisbane

Picking an ideal giant umbrella for your pool will depend on several factors, including the size and layout of your exterior and how much traffic you expect to get. How this shading tool will look post-installation is also an essential consideration, particularly for businesses. Simply put, striking a perfect balance between the outdoor shade’s functional and aesthetic purpose is crucial for finding the best outdoor pool umbrella.


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