The Quality Construction Behind Our Giant Umbrellas

The Quality Construction Behind Our Giant Umbrellas

At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, we provide the highest quality outdoor giant umbrellas. With local manufacturing and top quality material, the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team are able to deliver outdoor giant umbrellas that are built to last and withstand the Australian climate. In this blog article the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team will be breaking down what makes our outdoor giant umbrellas the best quality choice for you, whether you are a business, organisation or looking for the perfect residential shading option.

Our Quality Commercial Giant Umbrellas

When looking for a commercial shading option, we understand that it is important to find something reliable and built to last. That’s where our commercial giant umbrellas come in. Our heavy duty umbrellas are available in a centre post style with either a square or octagonal canopy. Constructed from structural aluminum and are available with an Acrylic canopy or Ferrari PVC waterproof canopy, our commercial giant umbrellas are incredibly strong. In fact, they can handle wind ratings from 120kmh to 200kmh in the UP position. How can we ensure Brisbane Giant Umbrellas’ commercial outdoor giant umbrellas are made with the highest quality? They are manufactured locally, here in Australia. Would you like to find out more about our range of commercial giant umbrellas and check out some examples of them installed throughout Brisbane. Click here to learn more on our website.

Our Durable Residential Giant Umbrellas

If you need a quality shade solution for your residential space we have just what you need at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. Our residential outdoor giant umbrellas are constructed from anodised structural aluminium, plus fittings are 316 marine grade stainless steel. This is the kind of high-quality materials required to ensure our outdoor giant umbrellas are built to withstand much of what the Australian climate can throw at them. Our residential giant umbrellas are all wind rated from 50kph to 100km depending on size, giving you the peace of mind you need.

Plus, just like our commercial giant umbrellas, all residential outdoor giant umbrellas from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas are manufactured here in Australia. By choosing our residential giant umbrellas you won’t only get the best giant umbrella on the market, you will also be supporting local business and manufacturing.

Click here to find out more about our residential outdoor giant umbrellas range at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. You can also check out some images of residential giant umbrellas we have installed for our clients.

Contact Brisbane Giant Umbrellas Today

Would you like to enquire more about our residential or commercial outdoor giant umbrellas? The Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team is here to help you make the right decision. Call us on (07) 32166092 or click here to contact us through our website. The friendly team at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas are here to help you find the perfect giant umbrella for you!

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