The Amazing Benefits of Giant Umbrellas

Are you thinking about getting a giant umbrella for your outdoor space? Whether you are a business owner or a Brisbane resident, there are many amazing benefits to getting a giant umbrella for your property. Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is one of the leading giant umbrella providers in all of Queensland. We offer commercial giant umbrellas, giant umbrellas for pools and residential giant umbrellas. 


What are some of the best benefits of getting a giant umbrella from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas? We are breaking down four of them in our latest blog.


Superior Sun Protection

Whether you choose a residential or a commercial giant umbrella, you will be getting an amazing shading solution. Our giant umbrellas provide a large amount of shade protection for their size. Plus, our high-quality giant umbrella canopies provide a great level of protection from UV rays and help to cool down your outside space. If you are looking for a quality shade solution it is hard to beat the quality giant umbrellas from Brisbane Giant umbrellas.


Stylish Design

Giant umbrellas from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas all feature stylish designs that look great in the outdoor space of your home, organisation, business or learning institution. Our giant umbrellas are available in either square or octagonal canopies, which both provide different design styles for your outdoor space. We also offer different frame styles. Our commercial giant umbrellas are available in a center post design and our residential giant umbrellas are available in either a center post style or a side post style. Which is best for you? Contact Brisbane Giant Umbrellas today on (07) 32166092 to discuss it further with our design experts.


Want to check out some design examples of our commercial giant umbrellas, pool giant umbrellas or residential giant umbrellas? Click here to see some of the giant umbrellas we have installed for our amazing customers.


Easy Operation

At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas we know how important it is to make your giant umbrellas as easy to operate as possible. A giant umbrella that is easy to operate will help you to easily collapse it and maneuver it for better shade protection. Our giant umbrellas feature simple operation so that you, your family or your employees can operate it with ease. Want to try out a demo of one of our giant umbrellas? Come and see it for yourself, give the operation of it a try and see how easy and robust our giant umbrellas are. We are located at 4 / 24 Rodwell Street, Archerfield, Qld 4108.


Sturdy Construction

When you are looking for a giant umbrella it is important to find one that is built to withstand much of what the weather and the elements can throw at it. Youโ€™ll never need to worry about that with a giant umbrella from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. Our giant umbrellas are manufactured here in Australia using only the best materials suitable. As a result, our residential giant umbrellas are wind rated up to 155KPH to 200KPH! Find out more about the materials involved in manufacturing our giant umbrellas by clicking here.


Contact Brisbane Giant Umbrellas Today!

Would you like to explore your giant umbrella options? Contact the expert team at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas Today. We are the leading giant umbrella supplier in Brisbane, ready to help you find the perfect giant umbrella for you. Call us today on (07) 32166092 to get started on finding your giant umbrella. You can also click here to contact the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team through our website.

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