How To Get A Giant Umbrella In 4 Easy Steps

How To Get A Giant Umbrella In 4 Easy Steps

At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, we make the entire giant umbrella process as simple as possible. In fact, our experienced team can help you all the way from the initial design consultation to installation in just four easy steps! That really is how easy it can be when choosing Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. Our team is breaking down our four step giant umbrella process in this new article on our website so you can see why you should choose us for your outdoor giant umbrella needs.


Step 1: The Initial Consultation

In the beginning, our team will speak with you in a free initial consultation. In this step, we talk to you to determine your requirements and how a giant umbrella could work in your outdoor space. A representative from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas will come to your property to conduct a proper assessment. 


Step 2: Design Consultation

The next step is a free design consultation session to determine what giant umbrella will be the best fit for you. There are a number of different giant umbrella options available at Brisbane Shade & Sails. These forms include side post giant umbrellas, centre post giant umbrellas as well as square or octagonal canopies. 


We also have a wide range of frame and canopy colour options for you to choose from. Our team can recommend the best colour choice for your outdoor space. Click here to visit our website if you would like to browse our range of colour options and even see some images of giant umbrellas we have installed for our customers.


Step 3: Order Your Giant Umbrella

Now that your outdoor giant umbrella design is finalised it is time to order your giant umbrella. We make this process as simple as possible. As soon as the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team receive your initial deposit we will get started on manufacturing your very own giant umbrella! 


Step 4: Installation

Installation is the fourth and final step to the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas process. We offer two different installation options to our clients. The first option is DIY installation, which is a popular choice among our clients. Our giant umbrellas are incredibly easy to install, plus we will provide you with an easy-to-follow installation guide. 


The second option is installation from our team of giant umbrella experts. If you are located within our service area, our team can deliver the giant umbrella to your property and install it in your outdoor space for you. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to sit back and relax while we handle the whole process for you.


Order A Giant Umbrella With Brisbane Giant Umbrellas Today

With this simple four step process, designing, ordering and installing an outdoor giant umbrella for your property has never been easier. If you would like to get started on your own giant umbrella all you need to do is get in contact with the professionals at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. Call us today on (07) 32166092.


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