Features of Side Post Giant Umbrellas

Features of Side Post Giant Umbrellas

One of the most popular forms of outdoor giant umbrellas we supply here at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is our domestic side post giant umbrella. This is a fantastic choice for many Queensland properties, offering unique features and shading options. Our team has installed over 1000 giant umbrellas and have seen first hand how great side post giant umbrellas can work to improve a property. The Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team will be sharing some more information on side post giant umbrellas and why they may be a great option for you in this latest blog entry.

What Are Side Post Giant Umbrellas

A side post giant umbrella is easily identifiable by the unique shape. The pole/mast of the giant umbrella is to the side of the canopy rather than straight up the middle of the canopy. As a result of this purposeful design, side post giant umbrellas are a great option for backyard pools and patios. Visit our website if you would like to see some examples of side post giant umbrellas we have installed for our happy customers.

Unhindered Shade Coverage

A primary benefit of side post giant umbrellas is the unhindered shade coverage they provide. As the post is to the side of the umbrella canopy, you can easily utilise the full shaded space provided by the giant umbrella without being impeded as you would with a centre post giant umbrella. This allows you to enjoy 100% of your shaded space, which is sure to come in handy on those hot summer days!

360 Degree Rotation

Due to the structure of side post giant umbrellas, they are able to offer full, 360 degree rotation. This is one of the reasons why they work so well for outdoor pools and patios. You can simply swing your side post outdoor giant umbrella around until you achieve the perfect shade that you need.

Multi-Tilt Features

Side post outdoor giant umbrellas are designed to help you to enjoy the outdoors at any time of day. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our outdoor giant umbrellas feature multi-tilt options, giving you the power to change the tilt of your outdoor giant umbrella to provide the shading you need whatever time of day it is.

Get Started With Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

Ready to get started designing your own side post giant umbrella? The Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team is here to help! We can take you all the way from the initial consultation to the installation of your very own giant umbrella. Get in touch with our team today by calling us on (07) 32166092. You can also click here to contact the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team through our website. 

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