FAQs About Our Domestic Giant Umbrellas

FAQs About Our Domestic Giant Umbrellas

There is no more classic or stylish shading solution than a domestic giant umbrella. A domestic giant umbrella is perfect for all kinds of outdoor spaces like backyard pools, dining areas and patios. If you are thinking of installing a domestic giant umbrella in your outdoor space then you are making the right choice. However, you may have a few questions before you finalise your decision. In this blog we will be answering some of our common questions and hopefully answering some of your questions as well.

Are The Giant Umbrellas Wind Resistant

Residents of South East Queensland are certainly no strangers to a windy day. That’s why we focused on ensuring our giant umbrellas could withstand as much wind as possible. Our domestic giant umbrellas are wind rated from 50 kph to 100 kph depending on the size of your choosing. If you would like more information you can always get in touch with our team via our website by clicking here.

How Are The Giant Umbrellas Installed?

Our domestic giant umbrellas feature very simple installation. As a result, we offer two different installation options; either we can install it for you or you can choose to install it yourself. For interstate orders however, we only offer DIY installation. You will be surprised just how easily our giant umbrellas can be installed!

Do We Have Different Canopy Options Available?

Yes, we do! Our domestic giant umbrellas are available in either a square canopy or an octagonal canopy. Each option presents its own benefits and is better suited for certain purposes. Not sure which is best for you? No problem. Click here to check out one of our recent blogs where we breakdown everything you need to know about square and octagonal giant umbrella canopies.

Where Are The Giant Umbrellas Manufactured

Unlike other giant umbrella suppliers, our domestic giant umbrellas are manufactured locally here in Australia. That’s right, our domestic giant umbrellas are 100% Australian made! This enables us to deliver the best quality giant umbrellas built for the Australian environment. You can find out more information about our domestic giant umbrellas and the quality materials that go into manufacturing them on our website here.

Ready To Get Started! Contact Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

The Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team is here to help you throughout the entire process of getting your very own domestic giant umbrella. We start with a free consultation to assess the requirements of your outdoor space. We then offer a design consultation to create the perfect giant umbrella that you are looking for. Next, simply order your giant umbrella and we will arrange for an installation or ship it to you for a DIY installation. All of our giant umbrellas are manufactured to order. 

To get started, get in touch with us by contacting us through our website here. You can also call us today on (07) 32166092.

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