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FAQs About Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is the leading supplier of quality outdoor giant umbrellas in South East Queensland. Our domestic giant umbrellas and heavy duty giant umbrellas add a touch of style to your outdoor spaces, and also provide you with the shade coverage you need to stay safe from the sun. Whether you are shading a pool, deck or patio, our giant umbrellas are the perfect option. In this blog we will be answering some of our frequently asked questions so you can find out more about us and our range of outdoor giant umbrellas.

Where Are Our Giant Umbrellas Manufactured?

We are committed to quality, performance and durability at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. This is why we are proud that our range of giant umbrellas are manufactured locally here in Australia. Local manufacturing helps us to produce the high-quality giant umbrellas that Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is known for. By choosing Brisbane Giant Umbrellas you won’t just be choosing the best giant umbrellas available, you will also be helping to support Australian business and Australian manufacturing.

What Giant Umbrellas Do We Provide?

Brisbane Giant Umbrellas provides 4 main types of outdoor giant umbrellas:

  • Domestic Octagonal Canopy Giant Umbrellas
  • Domestic Square Canopy Giant Umbrellas
  • Heavy Duty Octagonal Canopy Giant Umbrellas
  • Heavy Duty Square Canopy Giant Umbrellas

Each umbrella has its own benefits but all provide outstanding shade coverage. Click here to browse our range of available giant umbrellas. You can also click on each umbrella to find out more about it and to browse the specs!

Do We Have Different Colour Options

Absolutely! Brisbane Giant Umbrellas offers a range of different colour options for our canopies and frames. Visit our shop page and click one of our giant umbrellas to browse the available colour options. You can make your colour selection on the site and watch the giant umbrella image change to your selection.

Why Are Our Umbrellas So Popular

Our manufacturers use the best quality materials to create our giant umbrellas, making them durable enough to withstand the harsh Aussie weather. We also make all of our giant umbrellas to order, which enables us to ensure we are providing you with the perfect outdoor giant umbrella for your needs. Customers love our giant umbrellas for their quality, range of customisation options and ease of operation.

Get Started With Brisbane Giant Umbrellas Today!

Are you ready to get started creating your very own giant umbrella with the team at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas? Call us today on (07) 32166092 or click here to contact our team through our website. Our friendly team can take you through every step of the process, from designing your umbrella all the way to delivery for DIY installation or installation with our team. Contact us today to get started.

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