Choosing The Right Commercial Giant Umbrella

Choosing The Right Commercial Giant Umbrella

Finding the right commercial giant umbrella for your outdoor space is important. There are a few different elements that you need to consider to ensure that you are choosing the best option for you and your outdoor space. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas we have successfully completed over 1000 giant umbrellas, becoming Brisbane’s number 1 choice for residential and commercial giant umbrellas. We are breaking down what you need to consider when choosing the right commercial giant umbrella.


Consider The Exposure To Weather

How exposed is your outdoor space to harsh weather events? It is important to consider this when choosing your commercial giant umbrella. The Australian weather can be harsh at any time throughout the year, so having a giant umbrella that can handle it is crucial. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our commercial giant umbrellas are built strong to withstand harsh weather events. They have tested wind ratings from 120kmh to 200kmh in the UP position. Plus, our commercial giant umbrellas are available with an Acrylic canopy or Ferrari PVC waterproof canopy.


If you need a commercial giant umbrella for an outdoor space prone to bad weather throughout the year then our giant umbrellas may be perfect for you!


Choose The Best Style

Giant umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. To find the right one for your needs, you need to assess the benefits of each. The two primary types are centre post giant umbrellas and side post giant umbrellas. Brisbane Giant Umbrellas only offer our commercial giant umbrellas in the centre post format. Why? This type is the strongest, providing the highest wind ratings and durability. If you are looking for a strong, durable giant umbrella then a centre post commercial giant umbrella is the only choice for you. Find out more on our website by clicking here.


Choose The Perfect Canopy Shape

At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our commercial giant umbrellas are available in either a Square or Octagonal canopy. It is important to consider which canopy will be a better fit for your outdoor space. Square canopies provide a larger shaded space than octagonal canopies. However, octagonal canopies can be a better choice for round outdoor dining tables and other similar spaces. You can see a full breakdown of the difference between square and octagonal canopies in a recent blog article on our website by clicking here.


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