Best Uses For Side Post Giant Umbrellas

Best Uses For Side Post Giant Umbrellas

The side post giant umbrella style is one of the most popular styles of residential/domestic giant umbrella. It’s unique construction creates a different shading solution for many different uses in the modern outdoor space. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas we specialise in installing high-quality giant umbrellas for our clients. We have helped install thousands of umbrellas and side post giant umbrellas for our customers. In this blog our team are sharing some of the best places you can install a side post giant umbrella.


The Perfect Poolside Giant Umbrella

When looking for a shading solution for an outdoor pool it is important to find something that can provide shading for the poolside and over the pool itself. That’s where the side post giant umbrella style comes in! The unique construction of a side post giant umbrella enables it to stretch out over the pool, providing the right range of shade protection you need. Would you like to see an example of this? You can click here to check out examples of the side post giant umbrellas we have installed for our customers to shade their outdoor pools. 


Shade Your Outdoor Dining Area

Do you have an outdoor dining area that you love to enjoy and entertain with? You need to make sure you have the right shading protection so you can enjoy your outdoor dining area safely all throughout summer. The best way to do this is to install a side post giant umbrella. Not only will it add a touch of style to your outdoor dining area, but it’s construction allows for the giant umbrella canopy to hang over the table without needing a post rising up from the middle of the table. Click here to see examples of this type of installation on our website. 


Add Shading To Your Outdoor Patio

Side post giant umbrellas also look incredible on any outdoor patio. Many outdoor patios don’t have shading protection and it can be difficult to find the right match that doesn’t compromise on your patio’s aesthetic. Side post giant umbrellas have a timeless style and design that will add shade to your outdoor patio and increase the overall aesthetic! Visit the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas website to see examples of how a giant umbrella can add shade to your outdoor patio space.


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Want to explore the options for a side post giant umbrella in your outdoor space? There is only one business you can trust, Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. We have years of experience in installing high-quality side post giant umbrellas for our customers and we can’t wait to help you too! You can call our friendly team on (07) 3216 6092 or email us on in**@gi********************.au. Alternatively you can click here to contact us through our online contact form. 

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