Tips For Creating Your Best Outdoor Giant Umbrella

Best Uses For Our Domestic Giant Umbrellas

Our domestic giant umbrellas are an excellent shading option for a wide range of different outdoor spaces. Available in either a square canopy or an octagonal canopy, the side post design provides a very flexible shade, enabling you to adjust for the perfect angle at any time of the day. If a giant umbrella sounds like the perfect shading product for you, here are a few of the best uses for our range of domestic giant umbrellas.

Shading A Backyard Pool

Queenslanders love spending time in the pool in those scorching hot summer months, but this can leave you exposing yourself too much to the sun and its harmful UV rays. This is why it is important to find a way to enjoy your pool without damaging your health. A giant umbrella is a perfect option for this. With the side post design you can easily shade yourself poolside, or provide a shaded area to swim and relax in over your pool. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our giant umbrellas are very easy to use and manoeuvre, so you can create the perfect shading angle. Plus, with so many different colour options to choose from for your canopy and your giant umbrella frame you will be able to create a stylish giant umbrella that perfectly suits your backyard pool. You can check out some examples of poolside giant umbrellas on the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas website, and maybe even a famous face relaxing under his giant umbrella from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas.

Shading A Patio or Deck

Another great space for a giant umbrella is a patio or deck. Giant umbrellas can provide the shade you need to sit back and relax on your patio without being too bothered by the sun. Our canopies block out UV rays and can even cool down your patio or deck to make it much more enjoyable throughout summer. If you want to shade a patio or deck then a giant umbrella is one of the best shading options to choose if you are looking for good shade coverage, easy operation and stylish design.

Order Your Giant Umbrella With Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is the best provider of quality domestic giant umbrellas in South East Queensland. If you are looking for a giant umbrella for your pool, patio or deck, look no further than our octagonal and square canopy domestic giant umbrellas at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas/ Click here to get started. You can check out each colour combination on our website to find the best combination for your giant umbrellas.

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