Domestic Octagonal Canopy Giant Umbrellas

Best Uses For Octagonal Canopy Giant Umbrellas

The octagonal canopy giant umbrella is a common sight in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and it isn’t hard to see why. These umbrellas provide a high-quality solution to all of your shading needs, offering maximum UV ray protection, a stylish design and a large shading area. The team at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas have been supplying premium octagonal canopy outdoor giant umbrellas for over 15 years. Over this time we have installed thousands of giant umbrellas and become the leading supplier in all of Brisbane. The Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team have put together a list of the best uses for octagonal canopy giant umbrellas to help our clients so the amazing different ways they can be used.

Shading Your Patio

The whole reason Aussies love building patios on their property is to enjoy the great outdoors all throughout the year. The problem is these spaces can get hot, sweaty and uncomfortable in the peak of summer, leaving you to retreat back indoors at the time of year you should be enjoying it the most! That’s where octagonal canopy giant umbrellas come in. They fit perfectly in virtually any patio space, providing you with the sun protection you need to enjoy your patio at any time of year.

Shading Backyard Pools

Coupled with a side post design, octagonal canopy giant umbrellas are an excellent shading option for backyard pools. The octagonal shape provides a wide area of shading which is exactly what you need when looking to shade a large space like a pool. The UV-resistant canopy also helps to cool down your pool so you can enjoy it more on those hot Queensland summer days. Visit our site to check out some examples of backyard pools shaded with our octagonal canopy giant umbrellas.

Shading Outdoor Dining Areas

What’s better than enjoying a great meal outdoors? Many Brisbane residents have created beautiful outdoor dining spaces on their properties for this very reason. Octagonal giant umbrellas are a great choice for anyone looking to shade their outdoor dining area. Not only do they provide stylish shade and good UV ray protection, but they also provide you with a level of protection from rain and other weather conditions. Enjoy your outdoor dining space with the protection of an octagonal canopy giant umbrella.

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