3 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

Is your home ready for summer? Good news! The Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team is breaking down 3 tips for how you can get your home ready for summer in our latest blog article.

Find Shading For Your Pool

Getting the right shade solution for your pool helps to keep you and your family safe from the sun when enjoying our backyard pool in summer. Thereโ€™s no better shading choice for this than the giant pool umbrellas from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. Featuring a side post design, our giant umbrellas hang over your pool to provide you with an amazing amount of shade coverage. Plus, our giant umbrellas are easy to operate and can be maneuvered into different positions to give the perfect shading angle. 

Click here to find out more about our domestic giant umbrellas and to see some examples of our giant umbrellas that we have installed for our clients.

Get Shading For Your Vehicles

Is your car, caravan or trailer outside and exposed to the elements? Once summer comes around, your vehicle will be vulnerable to the harsh summer sun and the heat that comes with it. This exposure can cause significant damage to your vehicles, which is why you need to get your home ready for summer by installing the right shade protection. Our friends at Brisbane Shade & Sails have exactly what you need. They offer shade structures and shade sails, which are both great shading options for your vehicles.

If you would like to find out more about the shade sails and shade structures offered by Brisbane Shade & Sails, you can click here to see more information over on their website.

Install Shading For Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have an outdoor patio or some other outdoor space, adding shade is the best way to enjoy it safely and without the uncomfortable heat during summer. Giant umbrellas are a great option for shading your outdoor space. With side post option frame colour options, along with a square or an octagonal canopy, you can design the perfect giant umbrella for your shading needs at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. Giant umbrellas provide a great amount of shade coverage and are easy to collapse when needed. Plus, our giant umbrellas feature an iconic style which not only looks great but can also add value to your home!

Want to learn more about our giant umbrellas and see some finished products? Click here to see more information on our website.

Get A Giant Umbrella from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

Do you need a giant umbrella to add shading to your pool or outdoor space? Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is the team you can trust. We are the leading suppliers of giant umbrellas in Brisbane and have helped clients shade their commercial and residential spaces for years. If you would like to get in contact with us you can call us on (07) 32166092 or click here to fill out our online contact form. 

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