3 Things You Should Know About Cantilever Giant Umbrellas

Giant umbrellas are one of the most popular outdoor shading options used all throughout Australia and particularly Queensland. With an iconic design and superior shading, it’s not hard to see why giant umbrellas are so popular! One of the most common styles is the cantilever giant umbrella. This style of umbrella is popular for a number of reasons, including its iconic style and the flexible shading solution it provides. In this latest blog on the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas website, our team will be breaking down 3 things you should know about cantilever giant umbrellas from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. 


  1. They Feature A Side Post Design

At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our cantilever giant umbrellas feature an iconic side post design. This is a very common style of giant umbrella which you will most often see used in outdoor pools, backyards and outdoor commercial spaces. This side post design provides a number of benefits, the primary benefit being a flexible shade solution (we will be discussing this more next). Want to see some images of what the side post design looks like? Click here to see some example photos of side post cantilever giant umbrellas we have installed for our amazing clients.


  1. Cantilever Giant Umbrellas Offer a Flexible Shading Solution

Are you looking for a flexible shading solution for your pool, outdoor commercial space or backyard? There’s no better choice than a giant umbrella, and the cantilever giant umbrellas from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas make for an excellent choice! As they feature a side post design, cantilever giant umbrellas allow for a much more flexible shading solution than other giant umbrella designs. Cantilever giant umbrellas can be titled and maneuvered to provide you with the right shading angle you are looking for. Thi shading flexibility is one of the primary reasons why cantilever giant umbrellas are so popular across Queensland and Australia.


  1. They Are Perfect For Pools, Commercial Spaces and Residential Spaces

Cantilever giant umbrellas from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas are perfect for a number of different outdoor spaces. The side post structure makes these giant umbrellas a great fit for outdoor pools, with the side post moving the shading coverage over the pool. Plus, cantilever giant umbrellas can be tilted and rotated which gives you better shading coverage across your outdoor pool. This side post structure also works perfectly for residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Want to see some images of the cantilever giant umbrella in action? Click here to see some cantilever giant umbrellas we have installed for our clients in pools, outdoor commercial spaces and backyards.


Get A Giant Umbrella With Brisbane Giant Umbrellas 

Are you ready to get a cantilever giant umbrella? Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is the leading supplier of giant umbrellas in Brisbane. We provide giant umbrellas for residential outdoor spaces, pools and commercial outdoor spaces. If you would like to find out more about our cantilever giant umbrellas and other styles of giant umbrellas you can click here to see more information on our website. You can also call our friendly team today on (07) 32166092 or click here to contact us via our online contact form on our website. Your giant umbrella is just a call or a click away!

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