3 Things You Might Not Know About Our Giant Umbrellas

3 Things You Might Not Know About Our Giant Umbrellas

Over the last 15 years, our team at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas have become the number 1 trusted supplier of high-quality commercial and residential giant umbrellas. We have installed over 1000 giant umbrellas all across Queensland, providing our amazing clients with the stylish shading solution that perfectly fits their outdoor space. In this blog article we will be sharing 3 things you might not know about our giant umbrellas.

1. They Are Made Here In Australia

That’s right, our outdoor giant umbrellas are 100% Australian made. They have been locally manufactured for over 15 years. This is part of what enables us to provide such high-quality, durable outdoor giant umbrellas that are built for the Australian climate. By choosing us for your outdoor giant umbrella you won’t only be getting the best option on the market, you will also be supporting local Australian manufacturing.

2. Our Umbrellas Have Different Canopy Shape Options

If you are new to the world of outdoor giant umbrellas you may not be aware that there are different options when it comes to the shape of the canopy. Our outdoor giant umbrellas are available with either a square canopy or an octagonal canopy. Not sure what the difference is? We broke down everything you need to know in a recent article on our site. Click here to check it out.

3. They Can Be DIY Installed

Although we do offer an installation service, our outdoor giant umbrellas can also be DIY installed! If you choose this option you will be provided with an extensive guide on how you can safely install your new outdoor giant umbrella from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. If you have any questions about DIY installation you can always get in contact with the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team by calling us on (07) 32166092.

Start Your Giant Umbrella Journey With Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

There is no better choice for your outdoor giant umbrella than the most experienced team in Queensland, Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. Whether you are looking for a residential giant umbrella or a commercial giant umbrella, we have the perfect giant umbrella for you. Get in touch with our team today for a free consultation on what the right choice is for your outdoor space. Call us today on (07) 32166092 or click here to contact us through our website. The team at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas can’t wait to help you find the perfect giant umbrella for you!

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