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3 Reasons to Install A Giant Umbrella For Your Pool

When it comes to pool shading, it is hard to beat an outdoor giant umbrella. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas we supply high quality outdoor giant umbrellas all across South East Queensland. Our side post giant umbrellas work great for pools, providing a flexible shading solution to keep you protected while taking a dip or even while relaxing poolside. Are you considering installing a shade product for your backyard pool? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider installing an outdoor giant umbrella!

1. The Side Post Frame

At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas we offer our outdoor giant umbrellas come with a side port frame. The side post option features 360-degree rotation and multiple tilt options. This enables you to position your giant umbrella to provide the perfect shade you need. Whether you are swimming or relaxing by the pool, you can stay shaded with Brisbane Giant Umbrellas.

2. Stay Protected From UV Rays, Heat & Other Weather Events

The Queensland summer is famous for its hot weather and harsh shining sun. This can sometimes make relaxing by the pool uncomfortable in hot weather and also dangerous with UV rays being emitted by the sun. Fortunately, our giant umbrellas are designed to keep you protected from both. Not only does the canopy help to block UV rays, but it also works to significantly cool the shaded area.

Although our giant umbrellas are primarily designed for protecting you from UV rays and heat from the sun, they can also keep you protected from other weather events like rain and hail.

3. Giant Umbrellas Are Packed With Style

Relaxing by the pool can often make you feel like you are on vacation. Installing a giant umbrella can elevate the resort feel of your backyard pool, adding a stylish shading solution to your space. Giant umbrellas simply look great by your pool. Plus, at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas we offer a range of different customisation options. You can choose the colour of your frame  and your canopy. We also offer both square and octagonal canopy shapes for our residential giant umbrella range. Check out some examples of our poolside giant umbrellas over on our website by clicking here.

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