3 Reasons To Get A Giant Umbrella For Your Patio

3 Reasons To Get A Giant Umbrella For Your Patio

When it comes to shading a patio there are a number of different options available. Our friends at Brisbane Shade & Sails offer shade structures and shading sails, however there is one option that is sure to transform your outdoor patio and give you the shade you need. A giant umbrella! At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our giant umbrellas combine elegant style, durability and shading coverage to form the ultimate choice for your outdoor patio shading needs. That’s why we are sharing 3 reasons why you should choose a giant umbrella for your patio in this blog article. Let’s get started!



  • Stay Protected From The Sun


It isn’t a secret that Brisbanites love to spend time enjoying their outdoor patios. They are the perfect place to kick back and relax during those scorching hot Aussie summers. That’s why you need to make sure you are protected from the sun and its harmful UV rays that are emitted down to us. Installing a giant umbrella is one of the best ways to do this. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our giant umbrellas are constructed with strong canopies that help protect you from the sun’s UV rays, enabling you to enjoy your outdoor space safely. Visit our product page to find out more about how our giant umbrellas can keep you sun-safe.



  • Give Your Patio a Touch of Style


Giant umbrellas don’t just give you the protection you need from those harmful UV rays from the sun, they also have an undeniable touch of style and class. Installing a giant umbrella in your outdoor patio is an easy way to completely transform the space. Don’t believe us? Click here to check out some examples of giant umbrellas we have installed in all kinds of spaces and see for yourself how the touch of elegance and class that they bring out of any space. Rejuvenate your outdoor patio with a giant umbrella from Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. 



  • Stay Protected From The Weather


With a giant umbrella installed in your outdoor patio you can enjoy it throughout the whole year. Not only will you be protected from the sun, but giant umbrellas can also give you a level of protection against other elements including rain. Our residential giant umbrellas are available in an awning acrylic water resistant canopy. Although this isn’t waterproof, it does provide a degree of protection against rain to allow you to continue to enjoy your outdoor patio without it being spoiled by some unsavoury weather! 


In addition to this, our domestic giant umbrellas are also All Wind Rated from 50kph to 100km depending on the size you choose. Click here if you would like to see more information on the construction of our giant umbrellas.


Take The Next Step With Brisbane Giant Umbrellas

If you would like to take the first step towards installing a giant umbrella for your patio then it is time to get in contact with the professionals at Brisbane Giant Umbrellas. Call us today on (07) 32166092 to speak to our friendly team. 


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