3 Reasons To Get A Giant Umbrella For Your Patio

3 Reasons Giant Umbrellas Are Great For Patios

When it comes to shading patios, giant umbrellas offer an unrivalled combination of style, functionality, and shading performance. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas we pride ourselves on installing high-quality giant umbrellas for patios all across South East Queensland. We get to experience firsthand how great they work for keeping your patio cool and sun-safe. In this blog, the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team will be taking a closer look at 3 reasons why giant umbrellas work great for patios.

1. Giant Umbrellas Keep Patios Cool

One of the primary reasons why giant umbrellas are a great shading option for patios is that they can keep your patios cool. No one enjoys spending time on their patio when it is scorching hot, and giant umbrellas provide the perfect solution. By blocking the sun and its UV rays, giant umbrellas can significantly reduce the temperature of your patio. This will enable you to enjoy a cool patio all throughout the year, even in those scorching hot summer months. If you want to keep your patio cool throughout summer, consider installing a giant umbrella with Brisbane Giant Umbrellas.

2. Giant Umbrellas Block UV Rays

Blocking UV rays is another incredible feature of giant umbrellas. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our range of giant umbrellas can block up to 98% of UV rays, depending on what colour you choose. This UV protection is a great feature for your patio as it will help to keep you, your family, and your guests protected from the sun while enjoying your time in the outdoors. Exposing yourself to excessive amounts of UV rays can be very damaging to your health, and installing a giant umbrella on your patio is an excellent way to stay protected. Visit our site to check out some examples of giant umbrellas the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team has installed for patios.

3. Giant Umbrellas Prevent Weather Damage

Another added bonus of giant umbrellas is that they can keep your patio protected from the weather. When your patio is exposed to UV rays and excessive rain, it can cause damage that will need to be repaired. Our giant umbrellas can block up to 98% of UV rays and even help to prevent exposure to excessive rain and even hail. Installing a giant umbrella is a great way to keep your patio protected from the elements.

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