Why Our Giant Umbrellas Are The Best

It’s no secret that Brisbane Giant Umbrellas have the best giant umbrellas in Queensland. We have been supplying our residential and commercial clients with high-quality giant umbrellas for over 15 years, but why are we the number 1 choice for giant umbrellas? In this latest blog on our website, the Brisbane Giant Umbrellas team will be going through some of the primary reasons why our giant umbrellas are the best on the market! 



Durable Construction

The Australian weather, particularly in Queensland, is certainly unique to this part of the world. You need a shading solution that can not only provide excellent shade coverage, but also withstand the harsh weather we can all experience at various times of the year. The good news is that we have the perfect shade solution for you! Our giant umbrellas are built tough to withstand Australia’s weather all year round. 


Our domestic giant umbrella range is constructed from anodised structural aluminium, featuring 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings and a water resistant canopy. Plus, they can be installed inground, to slab, to wall or on portable moveable bases. Find out more about our domestic giant umbrellas here.


Our commercial giant umbrellas are available only in the centre post style. Why? This helps them to provide incredible wind resistance from 120kmh to 200kmh in the up position! All of our commercial giant umbrellas are constructed from structural aluminum and are available with an Acrylic canopy or a Ferrari PVC waterproof canopy. You can see examples of our commercial giant umbrellas on our website by clicking here.


Would you like to find out more about the materials involved in manufacturing our residential and commercial giant umbrellas? Click here to see more information on our website. 



Local Manufacturing

One of the primary elements that make our giant umbrellas the best in Queensland is that they are manufactured here in Australia! By manufacturing our giant umbrellas in Queensland we can be sure of their quality and suitability to the Australian environment. There is nothing  better than buying Australian-made? By purchasing our giant umbrellas you will be supporting Australian business and Australian manufacturers.



Maximum Sun Protection

This is naturally one of the most important elements to consider when choosing the best giant umbrella provider. At Brisbane Giant Umbrellas, our residential and commercial giant umbrellas provide maximum sun protection for our amazing clients. You will be surprised at how much shading coverage you can get from these giant umbrellas. This makes them perfect for a variety of different outdoor spaces, including pools, patios, backyards and commercial spaces. You can find out more about our giant umbrellas and see examples of the incredible amount of shade coverage they provide on our website by clicking here.



Contact the Best Giant Umbrella Team, Brisbane Giant Umbrellas!

Are you interested in purchasing a high-quality commercial or residential giant umbrella? We are the team for you! Brisbane Giant Umbrellas is the leading supplier of high-quality, Australian-made giant umbrellas in Brisbane. 


If you would like to find out more about our giant umbrella range you can click here to see more information on our website. You can also call our friendly team today on (07) 32166092 or click here to contact us via our online contact form on our website. Your giant umbrella is just a call or a click away!

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